The Huge Augustus' Bridge

The August's Bridge was built around the 27 B.C. It is a magnificent example of Roman's engineering due to its perfection and the boldness of its construction

Unfortunately is not possible to see the whole structure. The bridge was seriously damaged by a terrible earthquake during the 1053 A.C. and few centuries later it fell down because of the Nera's river flood but the only one arch is so suggestive that many painters were inspired.

From this point is possible to walk along the side of Nera river and discover theValley full of wonderful sceneries where natural spring sources come up and make the river of an incredible deep blue colour



The ruins of the bridge along the ancient flaminia street


In the picture above:Augustu's Bridge drawn by Martinelli....

On the left: Bridge at Narni by J.B. Corot (Louvre Musuem)