B&B "Casa nell'uliveto"

In Umbria – Località Acquasparta (350 mt. a.s.l.) – there is a hospitable family, that lives in a house, 2.5 Km from the town, which is located on the edge of a wild: a lovely place in the green hills of Umbrian country site.

In the ground level of their house there is a flat , at tourist disposal, with two bedrooms: a twin and a double; a large bathroom; a big and comfortable living room with TV; a kitchen provided with appliances and crockery. In the villa it is to disposition also a monopremises with two places read, with angle baking and bath.The guests can add four bed sits, thanks to clickery-clicks, and they can park their cars in the private parking.
There is also the possibility to use the garden provided with table, deck chairs, games for children, bicycles.
The preservation of the Umbrian environment is due to its inhabitants’ sensibility and to the farmers which still today respect nature as their ancestors did. These farmers, infact, firsts in Italy, followed the European Community directions facilitating quality productions by reducing the fertilizer addition
The landlord will be glad to put you into contact with the farmers in order to visit the farms or to attend the progressing activities:
in November there is the olive harvesting to make the famous Italian Olive Oil;
in March-April the farmers prepare the sowing bed for the spring-summer cultivations like sunflowers and maize;
in May and June there is the hay making;
in July the wheat harvest;
in August the land ploughing;
in September the production of the bees’ honey;
in October the wine harvesting and the preparation of the sowing bed for the wheat.
Every day there are the dairy operations to make the tasty “Pecorino cheese”. In these farms it is possible to buy the available products: oil, cheese, eggs, honey and meat produced from animals bred and butchered within the farms themselvesMinimum rent period is one night for four persons, or two nights two persons; it is preferable a week rent, from Saturday to Saturday, or longer periods; anticipated reservations are welcome.

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