Visiting Terni is walking in “The city of love”.
It was Saint Valentine’s birthplace, and people use to come here from any part of the world in order to promise love each other in front
of his mortal remains. There are some legends about the reason of the veneration for the Saint, the most believable is because of his custom
to celebrate marriages between Christians and Pagans, that against the will of the Emperor Aureliano.

He paid with his own life the consequences of this behaviour, and since that time people have been glorifying the Saint for his courageous choice. Then the citizen of Terni decided to raise him as patron saint of the city.

But don’t think the cult of Saint Valentine is just a
religious observance. During the month of February,
cultural events attract visitors from everywhere, specially concerts, variety shows and exhibitions.

If you think to be in love, the city of the lovers is waiting for you..



Above, Marmore Falls and roman soldiers by Orneore Metelli, the most famous Terni's painter dated 1938 in Setayaga Museum, Tokio


On the right, "Sword of light" by Arnaldo Pomodoro the famous sculptor