Casa Palmira

a sober welcome
the enchantment of a wild pure behaviour
the charm of the former medieval architecture
the magic of art performances

if you delight in incorrupted places
come to see the sights of Casa Palmira
come to see the fairy village Lo Scoppio in Acquasparta (TR)

700 m height a.s.l. on the top of Monti Martani (mountain range across Umbria’s inland);
15 km from Spoleto, Acquasparta, Dunarobba Fossil Forest;
20 km from San Gemini, San Faustino Terme,Todi, Carsulae archeological site;
35 km from Marmore Falls;
70 km from Perugia, Assisi;
150 from Rome;
trekking and mountain-bike routes.

The holiday-residence is in the area named “Rocca”, in the lower part of the village close to the ruins of former medieval site. The building stands in front of a breathtaking view. The former architectural structure was that of a fortress/building; in 1800 it became a farmhouse. A wide court around the building allows visitors to stay comfortably outside.
Prices: 300 euro 1 week, up to 5 persons, from april to november.
Also available for week-end.

Within the ruins’ area stands a nice private home available for max 2 persons (cellar, kitchen and bathroom, 2 places bedroom).
Prices: 120 euro 1 week.
Also available for week-end.

Residences are managed by Associazione “La Valle del Soffio Cantiere d’Arti” founded by theatre people. Periodical Theatre Stages are carried out, as well as Singing Stages, manufactured theatre tools workshops and live shows, in the leading spirit of Eco Slow Theater philosophy. Our hosts shall choose whether they have to run a traditional holiday or to spend some days performing theatrical trainings, trying to find out the sense of self and the inner relation woman/man/behaviour.

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