Narnia is not only the magic world where you can enter through a wardrobe. Narnia is also a real place in Italy, far from Rome less than one hour. In this town there are not lions and witches, but it doesn’t mean there are not other fantastic things to discover. Famous classical writers, as Livio, Tacito and Plinio the Young, have told passionate pages about Narnia. Its glorious past was an irresistible inspiration for author C.S.Lewis, and he marked the name on an old map of Italy. Narnia had a particular strategical importance during the Roman Ages, fascinating ruins of that time are still visible. And other
magnificent archaeological finds are coming to light just now. Narni is today a beatiful medieval town with suggestive narrow streets, important churches and other buldings all made during the middle ages. An important festival is usually held on the month of May, all the medieval atmospheres are rievocated, with parades and very exciting knight tournament.


Above, the Albornoz Fortress, down the medieval fountain in the historic centre, the Cathedral and "The incoronation of the Vergin Mary " by the painter kwown as "Ghirlandaio"


Up on the left one of the "Sbandieratori" during the medieval festival, on the right the gonfalon of the city of Narni