Narnia the Romans and the Middle Ages

When Romans conquered this village and renamed it “ Narnia”, probably they didn’t know that centuries and centuries years after, a writer passionated of Roman culture used this name to write one of the most endearing saga of this last century…The Chronicles of Narnia. It is not just a coincidence, there are many connections between this enchanting village, today’s Narni, and the Saga. We don’t want you think about the fantastic world as Disneyland production showed you in its movie. We want you get in the real world of Narnia discovering its fantastic history, just look at the valley from the medieval fortress, or take a picture of the incredible ruins of Augustu’s Bridge. Romans took one year to conquer Narni, now with us you will enjoy the history, the atmosphere, and much more…



Narni Underground



Narni's main entrance, a superb example of medieval door


Around Narni is possible to visit many places from different ages and with different histories, like the Orlando's throne (up on the left) and the Roman double symbol used to show the way or to sign a rich soil



The Nera river, along its way , takes an incredibile deep blue color thanks to many mineral springs water . It could be suggestive   to pass through the enchanting roman village of Stifone