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Coming to South Umbria means visiting one of the new destinations which will be more demanded by travellers in the next future. If you are desirous of discovering that wonderful corner of Italy, our Association "Port of Narnia, Landfall of Europe" is the right reference point for foreign tourists.

Our aim is making a cultural bridge between United Kingdom and the beauty of our land of origin. There are a lot of reasons for going in South Umbria on holiday, this is a land with a very ancient history, full of magnificent Roman ruins and picturesque medieval villages, immersed in a pure natural environment, relaxing and with delicious flavours of the local cuisine Maybe all that is almost still a secret for the mass tourism, but not for case, in the ages of Grand Tour, South Umbria was a special attraction for painters, poets and writers. Inspired by the landscape they stopped here along their journey towards Rome (far less than one hour).
Could be a fantastic surprise visiting the highest waterfalls of Europe, discovering the Roman town of Narnia which inspired Lewis for its Chronicles, or promising love in the S. Valentine's land.

The members of our association know that zone perfectly, so we can give you the right advice, make specific and customized itineraries, inform about events and celebrations, and get you in touch with the best accommodations of the territory (managed by our associates). Special promotional initiatives will be arranged in UK for tasting the typical Umbrian foods.

Also, if you join the associative aims, you will also contribute to save an important archaeological site recently discovered. Close to Narnia, along the Nera river, our association is promoting the knowledge of a fascinating shipyard probably utilized by Roman at the time of the First Punic War (261-241 B.C.), the only one for warships discovered in the worldwide about that period. We did a thorough research to justify our theory, expert archaeologies have confirmed its absolute validity, but it's necessary a substantial and expensive operation of restoration to retake the shipyard to its ancient splendour.

To contact us visit our website, or if you are in London, meet our personnel living there.

Discovering the Secrets of South Umbria is already an exciting experience: do it with our association could transform that in an unforgettable memory !!!


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