Lake Piediluco

Pick your darling up on a boat, go in the middle of lake Piediluco, and then shout your love for her to the sky... she will listen to your voice in a
magic echo: an unforgettable memory in a very romantic frame !!! This pleasant sheet of water, close to the border between Umbria and Lazio, is the best place to relax yourself, especially if you are looking for a holiday immersed in the nature and far from noise. Maybe you have already
heard the name of Piediluco: the lake is very known for being one of the most important international centre for boat-races. We are sure you will like the landscape too. The small village on the shore is very quaint, there is a
monumental medieval fortress on the top, and you can taste typical dishes made with the fresh-water fish caught from the lake. A beautiful picture of lake Piediluco is exhibited in the Ashmolean museum in Oxford: also the famous French painter Corot was enchanted by the sight!


Two different images from the Grand Tour, "Piediluco lake" by Corot, 1826.

Under a picture by an unknown painter