Have you ever heard an Italian legend about a terrible dragon ?
It could be a suggestive character in a fairy story for children, but it
should not be a pleasure living with this ferocious beast just outside the wall of your city.. Many and many years ago, a big dragon chose these lands as its shelter, decision that local population didn’t like at all.. A frightful threat run all around, and nobody had the courage to fight against it. But often the imprudence of the youth is the best arm to resolve in a victory these kind of battles, so a young man, member of the noble family Cittadini, decided to face danger when the dragon was sleeping.
The surprise attack was unsuccessful, but the destiny decided to
help this rash lonely warrior. The reflected sunlight on the metal armour dazzled the dragon, then the young noble man could strike the deadly blow on its body.
The memory of that triumphal event is still present in the
tradition of the local community, if today you look at the gonfalon of
the city, you can see the dragon spitting fire from its mouth..