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In Italy, in the gorgeous region of Umbria, close to the small town called Narni, along its river Nera, during the 2005, a group of archaeological enthusiast, recently has been found the only ruin about Romans shipyard. Since today nobody hasn’t known about the roman’s naval fleet and this discover is going to rewrite a part of Romans’ history.
To let all the world knows about its importance, an association has been founded by this group and it has called “Porto di Narni, Approdo d’Europa” (Port of Narni, Landfall of Europe)
The site needs to be valorized by strong investments because for more than 2000 years has been under the weathering effects. The Association , in order to save the integrity of the shipyard , invites all the Organisation and the Universities to contact us for giving to the humanity an important piece of our history and our heritage.

Why a shipyard in Umbria
Christian Armadori, after the discovered, did an appropriate investigations about the motivations around the shipyard and in his book is possible to have all the answers 1.The river Nera is the main affluent of Tiber river and it becomes navigable exactly from the point of the archaeological site, also Tacito has told us about Pisone,a roman consol, who cameback to Rome by taking a ship from Narnia’s river port
2. The presence of raw material such as good wood, iron mines, free workforce and the secrets position made the site the best for building warships.
3. The channel, parallel to the Nera river, is 280 metres long , 16.5 metres large and probably 6-7 metres high, because there are detritus for 2 metres at the bottom. In the middle is still possible to see different size holes in parallel position respect the others in the opposite wall, runningin for 13.5 metres from the first to the last one .
4. Presence of ruins between the entered of the channel and the river indicate a complex waterworks able to let the river get in the channel as the warship was ready to navigate.

Why do we think the shipyard was made during the First Punic War ?
There are a series of reasons to say that, especially if you know Roman naval history
very well. They were not people used to sail the sea, at least till the
year 261 B.C. when they decided to fit out a powerful fleet. Romans did it
in a very short time, and fastly they became able to fight by sea like
Carthaginians. So at the beginning it was safer to fit out warships in a
very hidden place, and Romans dominated all the territory around without the risk to be assaulted. But when the war was over, and the Mediterranean under their
control, Romans didn’t mind to keep the fleet in good condition, they had
always preferred land battles, using just the warships of the allies in case
of necessity. Only the First Punic War could justify a channel with
that dimensions and in the same position, none of the classical writers has
told information about the shipyards, and we wish our discovery will be
useful to fill up that historical cognitive gap. It would mean an other
prestigious evidence of the Narnia’s glorious past and one more reason to
come here!

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